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Horn Broken Sticker, Decal

Horn Broken Watch For Finger Vinyl Decal


Inject a dose of wit into your daily commute with our 'Horn broken, watch for finger' window decal! Playfully embracing the quirks of driving, this humorous accessory is sure to turn heads and elicit smiles from fellow motorists. Crafted with durability in mind, this decal is not just a clever statement but a weather-resistant and eye-catching addition to your vehicle. Make a light-hearted statement about road frustrations and enjoy the chuckles and camaraderie it brings on your journey. Drive with a sense of humor, and let this decal do the talking for you!


"Horn Broken Watch For Finger" Decal

*Measurements: Approx. 7.5"x2.5"

*Decal Only.  Will not have watermark shown in photo .

*Many Colors Available

Decal Color

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